Keziah Mason

Keziah Mason has been presumed dead since 1692 after her disappearance from jail in Salem, Massachusetts.
She was assumed to have been taken and murdered by a group of native Americans who she had reported having problems with several times that year.
Near her empty jail cell, a small statue of an idol and knife were found, made of alloys that are unrecognizable to this day.
The skull of a woman that matched the age and time period was found in October 2017, presumably belonging to Keziah Mason lies on display by Dark Room Horror, in Albuquerque New Mexico.
There are many mysterious details that continue to evade detection, even though the most scrupulous of investigations, particularly, the location of the rest of the body.
The other items, the small idol and the hypothesized sacrificial knife, are still of an unknown origin.
The priority lies in the pursuit of the body. We have reason to believe that when it is located,
other questions will be answered. For reasons we lack the time to detail, tonight is our only chance to locate her body.
During her time in jail, the woman spoke of three beasts from another realm. Most called her crazy whereas others believed her to be consorting with the devil. We believe there’s more here than meets the eye. Find the beasts and track the gaze of one with golden eyes and golden fangs.
Good luck and Godspeed.

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