Blood Booth

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Horror Themed Headshots and Photoshoots for Halloween & Christmas Cards, Portraits and Entertainment – Small Groups, Couples and Individuals
Studio Sessions (Coming Soon*)
Includes 4 oz of blood per victim
1 viscous wound per person
5 High-Quality Images from shoot
Printing Options Available Upon Request
     Additional Images Available For Purchase
1 Hour Session
Larger Group Rates Available Upon Request
The Themes:
Zombies & Ghouls
Slashers/Final Girls
Vampires (Victorian/Modern)
Possessions and demons
*Contact if Interested


Event Photo Booth:
• Open Air Photo Booth
• 1 Galon of blood per 3-hour slot
     42 oz per additional hour
• Blood is separated in 1 oz bottles at the booth
• Props (foam/platic weapons)
(45 minutes required before and after venue
opens and closes for set up/tear down)
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Blood Booth Events:
10/04/18 Dragon’s House of Horror
10/05/18 Dragon’s House of Horror
10/06/18 Dragon’s House of Horror
10/11/18 Dragon’s House of Horror
10/13/18 Dragon’s House of Horror
10/18/18 Dragon’s House of Horror
10/20/18 Dragon’s House of Horror
10/25/18 Dragon’s House of Horror
10/27/18 Sister Bar: 80’s Halloween Party
10/30/18 Dragon’s House of Horror

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Friday the 13th at Sister Bar

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